Fly Ribbon Tape Fly Glue Trap—NRTG015

  • Item No.: NRTG015;
  • Material: High quality strong glue;
  • Open Size: 3.8*78cm;
  • Packing: Small packing: 4pcs/blister card,24blister cards/box,12boxes/ctn; Bulk packing: 100pcs/box,10boxes/ctn;
  • Glue Weight: 3g;
  • Carton Size: 50*30*41cm
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Fly Ribbon Tape Fly Glue Trap Manufacturer

Product Name Fly ribbon fly glue trap
Item No. NRTG015
Material High quality strong glue
Open Size 3.8*78cm
Packing Smallpacking:4pcs/blister card,24blister cards/box,12boxes/ctn;

Bulk packing:100pcs/box,10boxes/ctn

Carton Size 50*30*41cm
N/GW 15/16kg

fly ribbon

fly ribbon

fly ribbon

fly ribbon


1.This type of fly glue trap is easy to use fly catcher;

2.No baiting, no poisons, no vapors, no mess;

3.It is environmental protection;

4.High quality, best price;

5.Direct manufacturers, price real benefit;

6.Can be customized to sample, according to the requirements of customers design model.


1.Make the room temperature before opening;

2.Grabbed the rope with one hand, a hand holding a paper tube of the fly glue trap;

3.Take out the rope slowly put the tube in a counterclockwise direction (rotation).;

4.Pull out later, will fly paper hanging high in the air.;

5.Place burn fly paper after use, do not casually abandon, to avoid spreading germs. Be careful when burning fire.


1.Place it out of the place where children can reach. Although the bait is non-toxic adhesive, don’t eat.;

2.Once the adhesive glue on the hands, hair or clothing you can try to brush with cooking oil, then wash with detergent washing;

3.Please burn fly paper after use , do not casually abandon, to avoid spreading germs. Be careful when burning fire.

Our factory also produce other kinds of fly glue traps and fly catcher products,please contact us for more details.

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