Rat Glue Traps,Mouse Glue traps,Baited Rat Trap Board—NRTG001-2

  • Item No.: NRTG001-2;
  • Size/pcs(cm): 13*19;
  • Material: Paper Board;
  • Glue weight per box(g):15/Customized;
  • Package(pcs/box): 1;
  • Package (pcs/ctn): 100;
  • Main Target: Rat&Mouse
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HINGER—China Leading Technology of Glue Traps

Product Name Paper Board Rat&Mouse Glue Trap
Item No. NRTG001-2
Material Paper board+glue
Open Size 13*19cm
Glue Weight 15g/Customized
Packing 100pcs/ctn
Carton Size 48*39*27cm

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Rat Glue Trap Board—China Leading Glue Traps Technology

We welcome all kinds of OEM ODM orders,

You can customize the printings,glue weight,packing ect.

Peanut butter  smell glue is also available!!!

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1.Rat glue trap that work – Strongly adhesive, odorless, ready to use, safe and sanitary. As a new generation of environmental products, it is not subject to weather change, non-toxic, harmless and environment-friendly.great for use in homes, restaurants, bars.

2.Rat glue trap Use Tips – Open the rat trap, Place it where rats are observed. Once the mouse is trapped, dispose of it. Use mouse glue traps if the place is rat-infested. Fix them to the ground if necessary. For better effect, use it with bait.

3.Foldable design – The foldable design makes it work better. Mice glue traps can be used in a variety of places.

4.High-quality Thick Cardboard – It utilizes special cardboard, thicker and harder, which means it can prevent being dragged away by the rat.


1.Open the rat glue trap and place it on where rats usually appear, dispose of it once catching the rat.

2.Put more traps if the place is rat-infested.Fix it on the floor if necessary.

3.For better effect, you can use it with bait.


Use gasoline and then cleansing agent to remove the glue from clothes or other articles.


We also produce other sizes of mouse glue traps,please contact ud for more details.


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