Plastic Mouse Snap Trap — NRTP006-2

  • Item No.: NRTP006-2;
  • Size/pcs(cm): 14*7.5*7.5;
  • Material: ABS;
  • Packing: 50pcs/box;2boxes/ctn;
  • Carton Size: 61*47.5*35 cm;
  • Carton Weight: 20kg
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Product Name Plastic Mouse Snap Trap
Item No. NRTP006-2
Material ABS Plastic
Product Size 14*7.5*7.5cm
Packing 50pcs/box;2boxes/ctn
Carton Size 61*47.5*35cm
Carton weight 20kg


1.Insert the bait of your choice (such as peanut, butter or cheese) in the bait well;

2.Press the trap open. You will hear a “click” when set;

3.Place trap where you see rats activity. Bait well should be perpendicular to wall with bait facing wall;

4.Open trap to release the trapped rat into the trash. NO NEED TO TOUCH DEAD RAT.


Our, easy set plastic snap trap NRTP006, offers a high effective alternative to common rat snap traps.

It is much easier to set with only one click. This convenient setting is both time saving and labor saving.

With the strong and powerful bar, the rat trap will offer big-kill for rat capture.

The large bait through helps for easy bait, some peanuts on the bait through, can bait some voracious rodents, when they trigger on the big pedal, the sensitive big pedal will immediately eliminate them at once.

When the rat killed, it’s quick and easy to remove it for reuse with this snap trap.

No chemical poison was needed, and the environment-friendly rat trap can be perfectly use in domestic and commercial room.

This rodent control device should be placed where mice travel.


We also produce metal mouse traps and wooden mouse traps,please contact us for details.