Cockroach Catcher Cockroach Trap Box—NRCR006

  • Item No.: NRCR006;
  • Material: Plastic;
  • Product Size(cm): 14*14*4.5;
  • Product weight: 119.4g
  • Packing: 90pcs/ctn;
  • Carton Size(cm): 71.5*48*30;
  • Carton Weight: 15kg
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Product Name Cockroach Catcher Cockroach Trap Box
Item No. CR006
Material Plastic
Product Size 14*14*4.5cm
Product Weight 119.40g
Packing 90pcs/ctn
Carton Size 71.5*48*30cm
Carton Weight 15kg


1. Non-toxic, odorless, harmless and eco-friendly;

2. This product is reusable.


1. Put some sweet biscuit bait or other food at the bait place to lure cockroaches;

2. Cockroach will go through the trap door for the biscuit, then be trapped. They would send a signal to lure more cockroaches in;

3. Before the cockroach die, don’t separate the cover and seat, prevent cockroaches escaping;

4. After cleaning the dead cockroach up, clear the trap box once again with boiled water, expose to the sun and prepare for the next time. Do not use cleanser essence to wash.