Foldable Mouse Cage Trap—NRTM009-1

  • Item No.: TM009-1;
  • Material: Iron;
  • Product Size(cm): 11*11*24;
  • Product weight: 314.62g
  • Packing: 100pcs/ctn;
  • Carton Size(cm): 58*31*52;
  • Target Pest: Rat and mouse or other animals with similar size
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1. Open the door;

2. Place some bait on the bar (lard , sausage…)Carefully maintain the door open with the help of the tensor under the bar;

3. Place the trap on the path of rats;

4. Black rats : on a roof beam or in the attic;

5. Sewer rats : in the cellar or the garage;

6. Check the trap every day;

7. Release the animal elsewhere or eliminate it by drowning;

8. Keep the trap away from children and pets.