Multi Catch Mouse Trap With Clear Window—NRTM002

  • Item No.: NRTM002;
  • Material: Iron;
  • Product Size(cm): 26.5*16*5;
  • Product weight: 622g
  • Packing: 20pcs/ctn;
  • Carton Size(cm): 54*34*28 ;
  • Target Pest: Mouse
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Mouse Trap Manufacturer

Product Name Multi Catch Mouse Trap With Clear Window
Item No. NRTM002
Material Metal
Surface Treatment Zinc coated
Product Size 26.5*16*5cm
Entrance Size 3*3.5
Product Weight 0.622kg
Packing 20pcs/ctn
Carton Size 54*34*28
Carton weight 13.38kg



1.Simply place the mice trap 1 1/2″ to 2″ parallel to the wall in a space where mice are known to travel.

2. Mice will run along the wall, then naturally want to enter the hole on the mouse trap, triggering the trap.

3. The rat bait station locks automatically when closed and do not need key to open.

Features :

1.Clear view window to check the mouse trapping.

2. Mechanical design taking advantage of mouse curiosity.

3. Trapping mouse live.

4. Baits out of reach of kids and pets.

5. No escape.

6. Environmental friendly, reusable.

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